Please check if your question can be answered here, before messaging us.

What area do you cover and why don't you adopt outside of that catchment area?

Our catchment area is the following postcodes.

  • BD1 to BD24
  • HX1 – HX3
  • BB18
  • LS18
  • LS19
  • LS20
  • LS28
  • LS29
  • LS21 (1AA-1JX only)

We are all volunteers. Our adoption process involves several home visits. Our experience shows us that people want us on-hand quickly when they have a problem so we have to keep it manageable so we can maintain quality. We also require people to access the local vets we have accounts with during the initial 4-week trial adoption period.

How do I apply to adopt a dog?

The first step is a home check.

lf you are interested in adopting a dog please read the rest of these questions then download an application form from our Adopt A Dog page and email it, along with the specified photos to

Can I arrange to come and see the dogs?

We are a foster based rescue and all our dogs are in foster homes with families. We arrange meets with potential adopters only after a successful home check.

How do I know which dogs are available?

You can visit the Available Dogs section of our website HERE or

you can download our free app (search Aireworth Dogs in Need in your Apple or Play Store)

We update them each Sunday along with this Facebook album;

How much is the adoption fee?

£200 which includes the cost of neutering, vaccinations and microchip. For dogs aged 10 years plus the fee is £150.

This is not refundable if you decide not to keep the dog following our 4 week trial period. The fee is payable at the start of the trial.

There isn't a suitable dog at the moment - can you let me know / update me when you get a particular breed in?

Unfortunately, we just don’t have capacity to keep track of and contact individuals as new dogs come in. We ask that you keep an eye on our sites and contact us if a suitable dog arrives.

I have enquired about a certain dog / requested a home check. How long will it be before I hear something?

It’s very hard for us to answer that! We do our best to contact you asap but every one of us is a volunteer and we manage the charity tasks in amongst our own work and family lives as well as prioritising emergency and welfare issues which may arise. Where we have significantly high applications for a particular dog we may not have capacity to reply to everyone individually.

Do you adopt to people with children / work full time/ don't have a garden/ have cats / have other dogs etc

Yes. We look at each home check and each dogs needs individually. If your home is rented we need to see WRITTEN evidence that your tenancy allows dogs before we will do a home check. We do not place unneutered male and female dogs together.

If we say a dog needs to be an only pet, can’t be with children under 13 etc there will be a specific reason and we won’t negotiate on that.

Do you take donations of dog food / dog beds/ duvets/ towels/ pillows etc?

Yes please to dog food as long as it’s in date. We have food donation points in ASDA, Keighley and WCF, Skipton. We particularly welcome dried food / kibble.

No thanks to duvets. pillows, bedding etc as we don’t have a kennels. Also we don’t have anywhere to store items like that.

Regarding dog beds, coats etc – please contact us to check It depends how much we already have in stock and if we have space in storage!

Can I volunteer with you?

Yes please! However we are a foster based rescue and don’t have a kennels or centre so there aren’t volunteer roles directly with the dogs such as dog walking. We do always require people to help at fundraising events and to do home checks. A volunteer application form is available HERE. Our insurance only allows us to take on over 18’s.

I can no longer care for my dog and am looking to rehome it. Can you help?

If you are within our catchment area of Keighley and surrounding area (see postcodes above) please click here to read our Rehoming A Dog Page

dog at the pub with family
dog paddling in water


If you want to adopt one of our dogs please contact us to arrange a home check and a meet.