Please see information below if you wish to rehome your dog.

PLEASE NOTE  In the last 2 years there has been unprecedented demand nationally for rescues to take in dogs & this includes us. We are receiving far more requests than we can manage. We do not have a kennels so we cannot respond immediatley. We have very few foster places available and none that are pet and child free. Therefore we are relying on owners to keep their dogs until we can find a suitable forever home. We cannot provide timeframes or tell you how quickly we can rehome your dog.

We can only help to rehome dogs within our catchment area as it requires us coming to assess them in their home environment. We are all volunteers and have to keep this manageable for oursleves.You can find a list of postcodes we cover on the pre-assessment handover form.

Sadly, recent legislative changes mean we are not legally allowed to rehome XL Bullies or any other dog covered by Breed Specific Legislation (BSL)

Please read the information below which explains the process.

Step 1 Download and complete the Rehoming Pre-assesment Form below (if you can’t access Word you can print off the PDF version and send us photographs of the completed form). If you don’t have a printer please send all the answers to questions asked in the form via email. We require written communication from you for legal reasons.

Step 2  Email the completed forms along with a photo of your dog to and we will contact you for a pre-assessment phone conversation. If following that phone conversation we feel we could safely rehome that dog we will arrange a home visit. 

Step 3 We will visit you home and ask about your dogs health, training, behaviour, dislikes, personality etc. We will want to see how your dog behaves in the home and on a short assessment walk. We require your consent to access the dogs vet records and to check who the microchip shows to be the legal keeper.

Step 4 If following the fuller assessment we feel we can safely rehome your dog we will discuss the next steps with you. This usually involves you keeping the dog until we can find a suitable placement. As stated above we do not have a kennel and we have to have an appropriate temporary or permanent home available which is suitable for your dogs needs. 

  • We require all dogs to be up to date with their vaccinations and to have had a recent health check prior to coming to us.
  • If the reason for rehoming is a recent / sudden change in behaviour we require you to arrange for a vet health check to establish if the behaviour change is linked to health issues, pain or discomfort.
  • All dogs rehomed by us are offered “Rescue Back-Up” for the rest of their lives.
  • Please ensure you are absolutely certain you want to rehome your dog before asking us for support. We waste a lot of time assessing dogs whose owners then change their minds.
  • We ask owners who relinquish their dogs to make a donation to help with the rehoming costs and to ensure your dog has a recent vet check so we have information about any health issues. 



If you want to adopt one of our dogs please contact us to arrange a home check and a meet.