Sponsor our Long-Term Foster Dogs

Would you like to help support our ‘Long-Term Foster’ dogs? By choosing to become a sponsor today, you are giving vulnerable dogs a second chance at life, whatever their age, health condition or medical needs. Your sponsorship will go towards ensuring our lovely Long-Term Foster dogs have the best level of care and support throughout their lives. 

Our Long-Term Foster Scheme provides lifelong care for dogs who often don’t get much chance of adoption due to their age, or health and the related ongoing costs. When the charity takes a dog into this scheme, we guarantee that the dog is supported for the rest of its life by covering vet bills and medicines, as well as being on hand for advice and support when needed to ensure that every dog gets its happy ever after in their forever foster home. 

For just £5 per month you could become a sponsor today, or sign up for one year’s sponsorship for a one-off payment of £50. Simply download the Sponsorship Form below to get started, and return via email to aireworthdogsinneed@gmail.com

What is included in your sponsorship?

At Aireworth Dogs in Need you don’t sponsor an individual dog, instead you sponsor the whole group of lovely Long-Term Foster dogs. That means there’s a lot of dogs for you to get to know!  

You’ll receive a Welcome Pack with your very own Sponsorship Certificate, Keyring & Bookmark. Throughout the year you’ll get three further updates about our charity and the lovely Long Term Foster dogs you’re helping. In each update you’ll get to know more of the dogs, and see how your support is making a difference to their lives.

Sponsorship FAQ’s

Where do the foster dogs live?

Our Long Term Foster dogs all live with people who have opened up their homes and hearts to dogs who are older, or have complex care needs. ADIN covers the cost of their long-term care, such as vet bills for any illnesses, operations or ongoing medications. We also provide access to any other care the LTF dogs may need, such as physio, hydrotherapy or behavioural support. 

As they are all in homes it is not possible to visit our LTF dogs. In fact we do not have a centre to visit at all, we are a completely foster based charity. 


Where does my sponsorship go?

Your sponsorship contribution will be used to care for our Long Term Foster Dogs and all other dogs within ADIN’s care. 

The money is used to cover the costs of vet bills, equipment, special diets, training and behavioural support and more. Ultimately, your donation goes to helping us ensure each dog receives the best possible care.


What will I receive?

  • Sponsorship pack

Once we have received your completed form and have received your first payment we will then dispatch your sponsorship pack within 14 days. 

Your sponsorship pack will contain – Your Welcome letter, Certificate, and Free gifts (an Aireworth Dogs in Need Keyring & Bookmark)** 

  • Updates

We will send you updates on our Long Term Foster dogs three times per year


**Please note that we reserve the right to amend the free gifts sent in the Sponsorship Pack without prior consultation. Whilst we strive to ensure everything is as described, there may be occasions where we need to make changes.


Can I buy Sponsorship as a gift?

Yes of course, please fill out their details in the additional ‘Recipient’s details’ box. Please provide their name and address at an absolute minimum to enable us to send out their sponsorship pack.


How do the payments work?

You can select a monthly amount of £5 per month, or an annual amount of £50 per year (giving you a £10 saving over the monthly option).

  • To arrange a regular monthly payment of £5.00 you can set this up via your own bank, as a regular standing order. Our bank details are on the form.
  • To pay a one-off annual fee of £50.00, this can be done via your online faster internet payments. Our bank details are on the form.
  • Follow the same methods above if you are wishing to donate a different amount each month and specify your chosen level of sponsorship on your form. 


What if I need to cancel my sponsorship? 

We understand that sometimes our situations change and you may no longer be able to Sponsor our Long Term Foster Dogs. If you need to cancel then please do inform us.

  • To cancel monthly donations you must cancel your standing order with your bank.
  • If you paid a one-off payment then there is nothing to cancel with your bank. Your sponsorship will last for 12 months from your initial payment and will not automatically renew. We are unable to issue refunds if you wish to cancel part way through the year, however please notify us if you no longer wish to receive updates.


How will you use my data? 

We promise to always treat your personal details with care. Your information will be used directly in relation to your sponsorship. Your email address and phone number are contact methods should we need to query anything with your sponsorship. If you have opted to make a one off donation we will contact you at the end of the one year Sponsorship period to see if you wish to continue your sponsorship.

Your date of birth allows us to see that you are an adult (18 years of age or over). Although a gift of sponsorship may be given to a child, we require an adult’s details to set this up and take payment. 

We would never sell your information – The details you have provided will not be shared outside of Aireworth Dogs in Need. For more information on this please visit the privacy section of our website – https://aireworthdogsinneed.co.uk/privacy/

I’d like to make a general donation, or help in another way – how can I do this?

Thank you for wanting to help us further! Take a look at the sections on our website called ‘Donate’ and ‘Volunteer’ which explain other ways in which you may be able to help – https://www.aireworthdogsinneed.co.uk/support-us/


How can I get in touch with you?

You can reach us at aireworthdogsinneed@gmail.com, via the contact form on our website, or give us a call on 07551 891 117.

Meet our Long-Term Foster Dogs



 Hi from little Bailey – I am so happy to have my very own forever foster dad. He makes sure  that  I get well looked after and I have trained him well, so he knows just what I like and don’t like. I did hear someone say I was  rather a tricky little pooch to re home -but me and my chappie -well we get on just fine -its great to have my forever home.



Hi folks my name is Ben  and I have been with Aireworth since 2019 after my beloved owner had to go to hospital and I was left alone at home, I went to live with a lovely couple who taught me lots of things and noticed that I had a problems with my legs-it turned out I needed an operation on my spine which Team Aireworth paid for and this has made me a whole lot better. I can move better now, am happier and best news ever we well my foster mum now has a new baby too so we really are a complete family now. Thanks for reading my story and if you could help by sponsoring me that means another dog can also get the operation it needs -winner winner chicken dinner-did someone mention food????



Hi folks my name is Billy  and I am 16 years young. I joined Aireworth in May 2024 after my beloved owner couldnt look after me any more. The kennels I was in kindly reached out to Adin and voila I now have a new foster daddy.

Thanks for reading my story, if you could help by sponsoring me that means another dog can also get the help it needs .



Hiya my name is Butch and I joined Aireworth long term foster dogs in Nov 2021and I am the baby of the group at only 6 years young. They say I am rather a special boy as I have recovered really well after having a permanent tracheostomy preformed, though I do have other health issues too which my lovely foster mum and dad and the ADIN team are on the case with. I think I am rather special even if I am proving very expensive—if could you help out by sponsoring me that would be Ace…ta muchly from the Butch.

Update -I am now having a special injection regularly to help my pain thanks to ADIN, so I can get up to all sorts of mischief now-look out for me in our 2023 calendar…

October 23—Oh dear back to the vets again as  I am now having a lot of problems  with my funny little tail which means I need yet another operation !! I really appreciate those kind people who are sponsoring me as it is going to be a tricky and expensive time….

January 24 ..me again-tail..what tail?..someone at the vets stole it and I have had all sorts of bother since then, I think I may have to complain…..



Hi from me -the newbie pooch on the block. I have just been taken in by one of Aireworth foster families and I am one happy boy-food comfy sofa and cuddles—fab. I do have some health issues that need attention which the vet is going to look into  If you would like to help fund my care and treatment  -that would be just fab. Thankyou so much



Hi from little chap Loki -the latest pooch to join the long term foster family. I have just been taken in by one of Aireworth wonderful  foster families and I am one sad confused little fella -food, comfort and cuddles are what I need just now  I am not in very good health and  need attention from the vet  which is being arranged.  I came with just my name … but  I now have my own collar, lead, harness, a warm coat, bowls and a bed and treats  and it turns out I love playing with a ball.. who knew !!  There is a little life in me yet .. would you  like to help fund my care and treatment ? -it wont be for long as I am nearly  14 years old and pretty frail I am seeing the vet and having treatment now so all good. Thankyou so much…Loki



I joined  ADIN long term foster pooches  in January  2024  I may be an old boy and though I am not very sprightly, I do love playing with my toys . My new foster mum is getting to know  me  and will make sure I eat well-but not too well- as there was some mention of me being a little portly!! the cheek of it!!  It is such a relief  to know I will be  looked after for the rest of my life and I dont need to worry any more or spend too much time alone now that my Daddy couldn’t look after me any more.

Pupdate-I have pretty bad arthritis but the Adin team make sure I get my painkillers which help a lot.


I joined  ADIN  in August  2023   and at 12 and a half I may be an old girl but I am rather sprightly . My new foster mum loves me a lot and I have 3 meals a day as I was very thin when I first arrived. It is fab to know I will be  looked after for the rest of my life and I don’t need to worry any more.

Pupdate February 24-I have been to the vets  few times now as I had some infections and have just had to have 12 teeth removed but my foster mum makes sure I have some lovely soft food until I am better.


Molly and Milly

We  joined the ADIN family in March 2023  and we are bonded sisters   12 years young. We  lived with our lovely dad since we were 7 weeks old, however  he sadly passed away a few weeks ago  and we have been hoping to find another loving home with a new foster family. We are both on long term medication so its a huge relief to know we will be looked after for the rest of our lives.

January 24 well we are certainly getting to know lots of lovely people while we test out some of the fosterers ! What we really need is that special someone who can deal with our little accidents and let us out regularly for toileting and who wont mind if we have accidents inside sometimes…anyone? -we promise to be on our best super cutest behaviour…

Pupdate february 24-yeah we have a new foster mum-  she is our forever mum.

Hooch face on


Hi from me… the Hooch  -I am a really super friendly  young chap who loves my humans . I have lived with my  foster family and have been waiting patiently to be adopted for ages now. Sadly I have  several health issues which the vets and Adin are trying to help my foster family  sort out and this makes me an expensive Dude! As my foster family have fallen in love with me and no adopters seem to want to take me on-I have now joined the long term foster family. If you can sponsor me that would be just fine and dandy -many thanks

Update Nov 23 I  now need special hypo allergenic food which is super expensive but luckily thanks to you lovely supporters we are able to get this provided by my Adin friends….Fanks guys!!

Pupdate feb 2024–Oopsie-I was just helping out with some leftover Chinese -from the bin!  Who knew I wasn’t allowed to eat it and the skewers…!  an operation and over £3000 later -you will be pleased to hear I am doing ok



Hi from new girl Roxy -I am a really friendly old girl who loves everyone. Sadly my owner wasn’t able to look after me anymore but luckily the great Aireworth team have  taken me in and found me a fabulous new foster mum. I am a bit sad just now as I had lived with my owner since I was a pup, but I am getting lots of love and cuddles and I know life will be just fine now I am safe. I do need to see the vets soon to sort out a few health problems and  If you can sponsor me that would be just fab -many thanks.

Pupdate February 2024– oh no having a little zoomie led to me injuring my cruciate ligament so one operation later and I now need 6 weeks strict crate rest with very restricted exercise-Oh bother …I am not a happy girl

Pupdate May 2024–yeah I am now fully healed and out of the pesky crate and I am allowed unlimited walks again -thank goodness-no more zoomies for me-well maybe just little ones. Unfortunately my lovely foster mum cannot look after me any more due to failing health, so I now have a new foster family, which is fabulous and I can have lots of great walks daily now.  I was very sad to leave my lovely foster mum Sheila and she  will always have a little corner of my heart just for her-as she rescued me when I needed it.


Hi from me Storm  -I am a really friendly fluffy lad who loves life -I have been with my foster family since I came into Aireworth in Aug 2021  and was patiently waiting to be adopted. Sadly  though, despite my lovely smile -no one came forward to adopt me, but I have really settled with my  foster mum and dad and had lots of fun, love and cuddles.  I know life will be just fine now because just the best thing ever has happened-they have decided to keep me forever as their own long term foster pooch-how fabulously fantastic is that? I do need to have regular medication now so   If you can sponsor me that would be just fab -many thanks.


If you want to adopt one of our dogs please contact us to arrange a home check and a meet.