We would love you to foster a dog for us!

When you foster a dog you give that dog a chance of a wonderful new life. We can’t stress just how valuable our fosterers are to us and the dogs.

ADIN – a Foster-Based Rescue

We are a foster-based rescue. That means we don’t have a kennel block or a rehoming centre. All our dogs who are looking for homes are in foster homes with amazing individual and families whilst they find their forever homes. So when we are asked to take a dog in by the owner, the stray pound, bereaved family members or social care or health staff, often in crisis situations, if we have no suitable fosterers free we reluctantly but simply have to say no. This sadly may mean an uncertain future for that dog.

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What does Fostering involve?

Fostering is about providing a temporary home for a dog while we find its permanent home. Whilst in foster ADIN will cover any associated costs such as vets bills and food. We provide all the equipment you will need such as leads, bowls, beds, crates etc. We provide you with a Liaison Officer, a sort of “key-person” for that dog. The LO will keep in touch and ensure you have the support and advice you need.

Some people foster for a few days, a few weeks or even months – it’s about what’s right for you and the dog. Some elderly dogs or those with medical needs are placed on permanent foster arrangements.

What’s expected of me?

As a fosterer the most important job is to keep the dog safe during that initial phase after moving home. Understanding the dog will be unsettled and nervous.

Once settled we ask you to keep written notes of your observations of the dogs behaviour and health, transport to vets appointments as needed and to make the dog available for meets with potential adopters. For that reason we need fosterers to be within our catchment area which can be detailed in our FAQ section.

If you’d like to know more please see the attached Fostering Handbook and if you’d like to request a home check please complete an application form.

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Step 1 Carefully read all the information on this page and visit our FAQ page to check we cover your postcode area

Step 2 Download and complete our home check questionnaire. See links on right hand side.

Step 3 Organise required photos

  • A photo of some ID which displays proof of address.
  • Photos of your main living area & outside space
  • A photo which shows your tenancy allows dogs (if applicable). This can be your tenancy agreement or an email or letter from your landlord or housing association.

Step 4  Email the completed questionnaire along with the required photos and evidence to aireworthdogsinneed@gmail.com to request your home check.

Step 5 Once we have received a completed form and the required photos one of our volunteers will contact you to arrange a home check. We ask you to ensure that all family members / household occupants are present for the home check. We cannot guarantee how quickly your home check will take place as our team members are all volunteers.

Please note: If your home is rented we need to see evidence that your tenancy allows dogs PRIOR to the home check.

Please be aware that a Word Document file, like the one above, can trigger a security notification in your browser when you download it. This is not related to our document it is a safety feature of some anti virus software.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It....

  • I have fostered two elderly staffies. Neo adored me unconditionally and his follower, Mickey, thinks the same about me. Dogs are wonderful for your mood and for your self-esteem.



  • Honestly your team couldn’t have been any better throughout the adoption process whilst I was looking for a dog, it was a pretty painless process really! I had no doubts that the team knew what was best for the dogs and eventually they paired me with the perfect pup



  • I have adopted two dogs via Aireworth Dogs in Need and both experiences were positive. All the volunteers genuinely care for the welfare of the dogs that find themselves in their hands. Professional, dedicated and consistently supportive both pre and post adoption. I wouldn’t go elsewhere locally if looking for another furry friend. They do a wonderful job.



  • You were so helpful to me when we adopted our dog from you and made it very easy to find a good match for my other dog whereas I was struggling with other rescue organisations. She is so happy and I recommend you all the time to others.



  • The home check we had to give us Joni from you was perfect. It made sure we had thought it all through and then the best part was that then you could tell us which dogs you had that matched us. Without all that information you couldn’t make a perfect match and you make so many perfect matches!



  • We cant speak highly enough, starting with fab foster carers, whom made the adoption transition go smoothly for our pooch, the regular calls and advice during the adoption phase and now he’s ours, you are still always there to help. You are amazing at what you do, keeping the needs and welfare of your pooches at the center., than you for making our lives complete.



  • The rehoming process at aireworth is one of the best I’ve ever seen (I have volunteered with several rescues) and looks at the individual and their circumstances to match the correct dog rather than a blanket rule for everyone. This allows dogs to be placed in the the best home for them and sets adoption up for success rather than failure. Everyone works tirelessly to help, save and rehome dogs in the most caring and safe way. By far one of the best rescues I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.


    Dog walker, trainer and volunteer


If you want to adopt one of our dogs please contact us to arrange a home check and a meet.